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本人榮幸地在澳門加拿大經貿促進會第一屆第三次理監事會上由會長李金戀Carmen Lei提名並經會員代表大會通過補選為理事長,本人將憑著在文化創意產業的卓越經驗



Commencing a new undertaking requires vision,courage,passion,andideas.president Lei and MCETA members have all of them;they are bound to succeed.

It is a great honour and privilege for me to be MCETA's Head of Secretariat and the Vice Chair of Board of Directors.I would like to take this opportunity to express my warmest greetings to those taking part in MCEA's inauguration ceremony hosted by President Carmen Lei.

I hope that this event will provide visitors with opportunities to expand their business connections and networking across the borders of Canada and the Greater China Region. Also,I am hoping that this initiative will be the first step for further cooperation and collaboration amongst Canadianand Chinese entrepreneurs in future.

On behalf of all MCETA members,I would like to thank all attendees and donors for their contributions which have made our gathering a successful,memorable event.

With Solidarity!

Mojtaba Azizi

Head of Secretariat & Vice Chair of Board of Directors

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